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  • Donna Weeks

My Story

Who Am I?

I love the outdoors, am a bit of an introvert and love empowering people to find their purpose and voice.  

I am a person of integrity, courage, empathy, caring and motivation.  I wake up every morning to do things that make me smile, inspire, motivate and educate women to be their own voice in this world.  

My life wasn’t always that way….

Before I started my business I was very unhappy, unfulfilled, fearful, full of self doubt, isolated and had no purpose or meaning in my life.  How could I?  I didn’t even know who I was!  What I didn’t know was, I didn’t love myself!  I complained frequently about my partner, my job and career and my life.  In fact, I can say I was pretty much miserable!

What changed for me was my desire to leave my job and I realized I didn’t even want to be in the same career, accounting.  I had this feeling I was meant to do more in this world, a knowing I had to pursue another career.  I didn’t know what that was or what I was meant to do.

I had this ah-ha moment; I’m on my death bed reviewing my past and I was consumed with regret!  My time was up and I never tried something new because I was too afraid to try!  What a wake up call! I dug deep within myself, prayed and became open to a new career path and what was revealed to me was to become a Life Coach, speaker and writer.  I have to tell you I was terrified of being a Coach, speaking in front of people and I actually didn’t even think of myself as a writer!

I invested in myself by going back to school to become a Life Coach even though I had doubts and fears!  I now am an entrepreneur, I have more freedom, I’m extremely happy, confident, fulfilled and have a positive support system I never had before.  

I have a purpose now to help others unleash their brilliance, live an incredible life I love and the courage to speak my truth!

With love,